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Our courseware is always current and updated with the latest tech advancements. Stay globally relevant and empower yourself with the latest tools and training. Learn theory backed by practical case studies, exercises and coding practices. Get skills and knowledge that can be effectively applied in the real world.

Learn to Build Responsive & Enterprise Scale Applications
with Angular 8

Learn Angular 8 and build responsive, enterprise-strength applications that run smoothly on desktop and mobile devices with this Angular training course. Angular provides a robust framework that facilitates the development of richly interactive applications running on multiple platforms. Gain experience building components, creating directives, modularizing applications, and building template-driven forms.
You Will Learn How To:
  • Create device-independent Angular applications
  • Develop components using Typescripts, Template and Decorators
  • Consume REST services using Observables
  • Modularize applications with the Component Router
  • Capture and validate input with template-driven forms

Learn Python Fundamentals to Execute Application Development with Much More Agility

The Python language is known for its simplicity and adaptability. This course provides and introduction to the Python programming language and focuses to the foundational development skills of data structuring, flow control and object orientation

Learn React to Build Scalable, Simple & Fast Web Applications

React is an opensource Javascript library from Facebook used for building HTML5 web applications. In this training course, you learn how to develop a complete application by building high-performance User Interfaces (UIs) with JSX components targeting virtual DOM and creating Flux applications, which provide complementary architectural patterns to construct client-side application functionality
You Will Learn How To:
  • Create an isomorphic web application using Facebook React and Flux
  • Compose a UI using React Javascript and JSX components
  • Integrate React forms with Ajax and Back-end REST services
  • Apply the flux application pattern (dispatcher, stores and actions)
  • Exploit React animation component with CSS3 transitions
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